An Evangelical Pilgrimage
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Kathleen Norris :: A Prayer to Eve

kathleen norris little girls in church

Portland, OR :: I’ve been on a bit of a Kathleen Norris jag. First I read “Acedia & Me,” then “The Virgin of Bennington.” Next I’ll read “Dakota.” I plan to re-read “Cloister Walk” for an essay I have to write, and today I started Norris’ poetry collection “Little Girls in Church.” The first poem in the collection was so lovely, and so to the purpose, that I plan to post it somewhere in our RV/camper/trailer, when we get all that straightened out.

“A Prayer to Eve”

Mother of fictions
and of irony,
help us to laugh.

Mother of science
and of the critical method,
keep us humble.

Muse of listeners,
hope of interpreters,
inspire us to act.

Bless our metaphors,
that we might eat them.

Help us to know, Eve,
the one thing we must do.

Come with us, muse of exile,
mother of the road.

September 6, 2009   12 Comments