An Evangelical Pilgrimage
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Penn Valley, CA :: I experience life through work. I find pleasure in making things, helping on projects, moving stuff, fixing items, etc. When I have a project I have purpose. When someone needs help I have meaning. I always knew this about myself on some deeper level but until John and I started talking about our value as members of a community I didn’t know how much I was driven by this.

Example: We arrived at my Dad’s house in California last Monday. Since then I have raked and moved the leaves on his lawn (about the size of a suburban lot), removed wallpaper paste left on the walls (from the last time I was here and worked on taking the wallpaper down), installed and taped and applied mud to the walls in the bathroom, emptied the old freezer and loaded the new freezer, moved the old freezer out of the house, watered all of the outside potted plants, picked the last squash from the garden to be stored for the winter, and helped John with a massive book mailing project for the BWC. In the next three days I plan on winterizing the vegetable garden, installing a new granite counter in the bathroom and prepping for paint and painting installing new light fixtures.

Am I a little manic? It’s possible I rely too heavily on what I do to determine my value or usefulness. But I really do enjoy working hard. At some point over these next few months I’m going to include sitting quietly, meditatively, in my daily schedule. It’s not so much about balance as it is about growing and stretching myself. I think I might be able to find value within myself if I sit and listen and just breathe.

Until then, off to work.

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1 jodi { 11.14.09 at 9:15 am }

We are definitely related, cuz. I could have written that. Jodi

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