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The Burnside Writers Collective just launched it’s new site at a new address. I serve as Deputy Editor for the online magazine, and we are moving from a weekly to a daily publishing format. Beginning in October, I will be writing a regular column for the Writers Collective based on this blog.


1 Anil { 11.20.14 at 1:17 pm }

Here are some I made up:Einstein told Chuck Norris his round house kick could not break the speed of light. Chuck Norris rebuttal by round house kciikng him from the Future.Chuck Norris doesn’t believe in surgery, he believes in rounds house kicks to the face.Satellite images of Chuck Norris started the war in Iraq.Tiger Woods imitates his swing after Chuck Norris’ round house kick.Chuck Norris walks on water because the water is scared of Chuck Norris.Chuck Norris killed a shark when he told it to not breath.When a man farts, the fart scurries back into the man and the man explodes because Chuck Norris doesn’t like stink.

2 Randy { 02.21.15 at 6:07 am }

They once tried to turn Walker Texas Ranger into a movie, unfortunately every time they flimed a fight scene there were mass casualties due to the power of Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick. Word soon got around about the problems on set and the film was never finished as they could find no actors brave or strong enough to withstand a roundhouse kick from Chuck. The director of Walker Texas Ranger the Movie suggested Chuck Norris leave his roundhouse kick out of any fight scene for the safety of his fellow actors. The director died approximately 30 seconds after his suggestion, his cause of death, multiple roundhouse kicks to the face.Only one person has ever survived a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris, his name Chuck Norris.The secret to eternal life is Chuck Norris.Spaceships don’t use nuclear fuel, turbo boosters or rocket power to get to the moon. Instead Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks them up there.A man once asked Chuck Norris if he was having a nice day, Chuck Norris replied that the day was in fact having a nice Chuck Norris, he then roundhouse kicked the man in the face for daring to ask Chuck Norris a question.Only one known natural substance can withstand the power of Chuck Norris’ roundhouse kick it’s name is Chuck Norris’ beard.

3 cheapest car insurance { 03.28.15 at 4:53 am }

What a neat article. I had no inkling.

4 Arvind { 04.12.15 at 12:29 am }

Chuck Norris is A-SexualChuck Norris once swallowed four mitgeds and shat out a NBA superstar. The superstar now known as Vince Carter; gets roundhouse kicked every second monday for being gay.Chuck Norris wrote the script for SawI and II while roundhouse kicking Spielberg and masturbating with his left hand while simultaneously reading an archie comic depicting Archie banging veronica.Chuck Norris is the reason Michael jackson’s nose is so fucked while petting Michaels monkey Bubbles , the animal bit Norris’s finger. Due to Norris’s super American tear-resistant skin the monkey subsequently imploded. Michael , loosing his only legal child size companion, attempted to hug Norris Norris proceeded to roundhouse kick Michael for 231 days after which he granted Michael a day of child molestation. Once the day was up..norris proceeded to continue roundhouse Kicking michael in the face.Chuck Norris once ploughed the entire American Mid-west Prairies with roundhouse kicks thus ending the great depression.Chuck Norris’s Blood type is registered as straight .Chuck Norris, being in New York at the time on 911; survived the deadly attack by roundhouse kicking his way through the rubble. Norris knows no fear.

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